To provide our patients and clients with the best care currently available, we also make use of high-quality and highly acclaimed training materials in addition to our expertise, the very latest scientifically founded rehabilitation methods and our extensive professional infrastructure.

All our power-training and cardio equipment, for example, is supplied by the Technogym. This world-renowned Italian brand has been acclaimed for its outstanding combination of high-quality and aesthetically pleasing materials.

In addition to traditional medicine balls and training equipment by Bosu, Xco and many other brands, we have been incorporating the increasingly popular Redcord system into our stability training programmes for quite some time now.

To accelerate our patients' rehabilitation programmes or offer our athletes alternative training opportunities that impose less strain on their joints and tendons we make use of the revolutionary Alter-G treadmill, based on NASA technology.

Our injury prevention screening programme is performed according to SpartaNova, a spin-off of Ghent University and the Free University of Brussels, who have developed a unique online platform for this purpose.


The Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill is a revolutionary type of treadmill. This technology, in which weightlessness is created, was developed by NASA as part of its training programme for astronauts.
This device enables us to let people to walk in accordance with a set percentage (from 20 to 100%) of their body weight. It goes without saying that this is a highly interesting method to accelerate the rehabilitation process and to enable patients to resume walking at a much earlier stage in the programme.
People with serious injuries to their ankles, hips or back can gradually (by percentage) increase the pressure to the injury without skipping any major steps in the process.
For some people who are unable to walk or even take steps without pain (sometimes for years on end) this could prove a major breakthrough in their ability to resume walking.
This treadmill can also be used by athletes in need of supplementary training without this imposing any excessive strain on their bodies.

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SpartaNova was founded in 2010 as a spin-off of Ghent University and the Free University of Brussels, with the goal of putting sports science more into practice.
To facilitate this, use is made on the one hand of the latest scientific insights on prevention, rehabilitation, monitoring and training for athletes, which on the other hand is translated into an online platform for professionals and experts in the field.
Callewaert-Wemel acts as a professional and expert in the field in this by running through the steps of a test protocol whose goal is to detect susceptibility to injury for every sports discipline in a scientifically founded and standardised manner.
Following the screening procedure, a detailed test analysis and professional profile are compiled, after which the best exercises are selected to enable these 'weak links' to be overcome.

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Redcord is a revolutionary Norwegian system of ropes and elastics that enables exercises to be performed in a highly specific and efficient manner at a wide range of levels (from very easy to very difficult).

This system is used as part of the Neurac method (Neuromuscular activation), in which the weak links of a muscle chain are exposed and trained. What is unique about this system is that it appeals to the neuromotor system, which enables results to be visible almost immediately. High success rates have been achieved in patients with problems in the area of stability, inadequate coordination between various muscle groups, asymmetrical sports-specific postures and/or movements that should be symmetric (e.g. swimming, cycling), and more.

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In the course of the past few years, Technogym has built up a strong reputation for itself in the power-training and cardio equipment market. Technogym equipment is renowned for its durability and reliability, which lasts many years. Without any concessions to design and functionality, Technogym equipment has satisfied the highest quality criteria for several decades. It is not without reason that the company is the number one supplier to not only the Olympic Games, but also to many other top-class sports events and teams.

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