The practice is specialised in the rehabilitation of people with sports-related and orthopaedic injuries.

Our approach is based on two solid pillars :
  • Effective manual therapy
  • Highly individually-oriented active rehabilitation
We aim to enable patients to actively embark on a rehabilitation programme as soon as possible, by incorporating such elements as aqua rehabilitation into the programme.
Our functional training programmes are developed to train each athlete in a progressive and targeted manner.
Following a number of sports-specific field rehabilitation elements, a fully rehabilitated athlete will immediately be able to continue practising his or her sport with the maximum intensity to which he or she is accustomed.

Manual Therapy

Injured skeletal structures such as muscles, tendons and joints will begin to show limitations with regard to mobility, flexibility and functionality. These injured skeletal elements can be normalised through the application of specific manual therapy treatment techniques.

The most efficient techniques will be applied, depending on the requirements imposed by the injury, ranging from manipulations (‘chiropractic medicine’) and mobilisations to stretching, friction, myofascial therapy, dry needling etc.

Functional Training

We define functional training as the execution of muscle-strengthening exercises that can be linked, with regard to their starting posture and movement to movements from day-to-day life, on the one hand, and various sports disciplines, on the other.

This training method creates a much more precise balance between the various muscle groups that are trained with regard to these specific movements. As opposed to classical analytical power training such as fitness training, this approach trains the full spectrum of your muscle chains.

Another key advantage of training such as this is the improvement and refinement of neuro-muscular control.

Field rehabilitation

Towards the end of the rehabilitation period, we will go outside to the field and/or in the sandbox to integrate more sports-specific rehabilitation exercises into the process.
This will enable gradually more strain to be placed on the injured limbs, step by step.

Following this well-supervised training programme, athletes will be able to confidently take up their training regimes where they left off, as they will have run through all movements specific to their sports discipline.

Aqua Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation in an aquatic environment enables us to demand some active physical exertion from our bodies, and injured limbs in particular, at a very early stage in the rehabilitation process.

We can thus prohibit all forms of shock impact and work towards healing the injured body part in a targeted manner, by allowing the circulation to get going at an early stage.

This form of training is the best way to maintain your physical condition in an alternative manner if the injury you have sustained precludes you from walking or otherwise improving your physical condition.