Sports injury prevention

The adequate rehabilitation of sports-related and other injuries is an important task, but preventing sports-specific and similar problems from occurring may be even more important.

Within this framework we offer both individual athletes and entire teams an extremely low-threshold tailored screening programme,

in which we identify any areas in the body that are not functioning at the highest possible level (weak links) and that could lead to specific injuries at some point in the future.  This programme is carried out in conjunction with SpartaNova, a spinoff of Ghent University. SpartaNova is an online software program that enables us to identify risk factors with regard to injuries, and to subsequently prevent these.

Our highly specialised tests allow us to pinpoint all risks of contracting a sports-related injury. The results of these test are analysed and compared to a database containing the details of 15,000 other athletes. This enables us to compare the test results with an objective benchmark, substantially enhancing the reliability of the entire testing process. The tests are carefully selected according to reliability and validity.

As opposed to many other screening methods, the results we obtain are effectively put to use. Over 500 exercises are implemented into the software program, each of which can be selected according to each athlete's individual test results. This will enable athletes work on improving their deficiencies, subsequently preventing any sports-related injuries.

Extra tests

Depending on the wishes of individual athletes, these tests can be supplemented with external, complementary tests (e.g. isokinetic strength tests, physical exertion tests).