Athletes without specific injuries or following rehabilitation after an injury can apply to our physical coach for assistance in further improving their performance and/or preventing future injuries.
Non-athletes will also be able to attain their specific goals faster in collaboration with our physical coach.

You can apply to our physical coach for:
  • Functional training programmes | all-round, torso stability, mobility, fitness training, power training, training programmes to maintain physical fitness and more.
  • Sport-specific specialisation coaching| For all sports disciplines, in preparation for the upcoming season or ongoing coaching
  • Injury prevention training | to strengthen your body's 'weak links' and/or regain confidence following a sports injury
  • Health Coaching | to work at attaining a healthy lifestyle, including dietary advice
  • Pre-ski training| prevent injuries by being optimally prepared for the ski season
  • Personal training| one-to-one coaching to help you achieve your goals
  • Training programmes | with or without personal coaching, for all sports disciplines and levels (possibly following a physical exertion test)
  • Classes: Boost Your Balance | group training sessions for improving the stability, strength and control of the torso

A physical coach: more than just a trainer!

"Trainer, Coach, Motivator, Physiotherapy and Movement Expert"

This training can be applied either at our practice or at your home and/or gym. Please contact the practice for more information.

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